Watch 123 Free Movies with VPN


123movies is an ecosystem created for viewing astounding films with marvelous quality without downloading. With 123movies, you’ll get great cinematic experience and be wowed by the quality of this viewing podium.

The introduction above is for those that didn’t previously known about 123movies. For former fans and beneficiaries of this loved platform, you can relate to the awesomeness of viewing free quality cool movies with 123movies, well the government banned the site, and so we must seek alternatives or replacements with same top-notch quality. I’m going to explain how to utilize this platform again to watch free movies.

How VPN can make your life easy

Most websites whether private or government-owned can decide to block access to a website for a particular region or a country. This is normally as saddening experience especially if you need to utilize the platforms service or some information available there. This same disheartening experience is what previous users of 123movies must have experienced when it was banned by the government.

However, VPN and proxies are the most proficient way to access these blocked websites for anything you need from it. Most of the available VPN services require configuration, and that is where the proxies come into the picture. Using a VPN would normally make your connection speed sluggish, and this is understandable because of background tasks that are ongoing to ensure that you’re connected to your target website.

For 123Movies, you can explore 123movies podium using a proxy; the good stuff is that you can use proxy sites and mirrors on this page if you want to unblock the 123Movies torrent site and not just 123movies platform.


Who doesn’t love to watch free movies with great quality from the comfort of their homes? You can share this article if it is a great help for you to explore 123movie which was blocked by govt.  

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