Top 5 Creative Trends to Increase Sales 

Social media

When you want to advance sales, consulting social media marketing companies and advertising is undoubtedly one among the prime solutions. However, you should do it the right way and don’t hesitate to surf the current trends of which the social media marketing companies have played a major role towards the success of your business, here are the trends that you should exploit for your ads.


Humor has always worked and will always work when it involves advertising campaigns. These are the funniest ads that make us feel the most emotions. In addition, if they are really well done, they may become viral and pass on social networks like Facebook, Twitter or sites funny videos, successful communication, and guarantee!

Artificial Intelligence

Among the new technologies, the utility regarding artificial intelligence are the technologies that are developing the most in businesses today. Amazon, Google, and Apple everyone is already there!

Virtual Reality

Like artificial intelligence, the virtual or cyber reality is increasingly talking about it. You can also play with this for your commercials, give free rein to your imagination!


With the arrival of Tesla in the car market, Snapchat glasses or Amazon’s Alexa, the concept of hands-free is expanding! Feel free to surf on this trend. You will understand, to make publicity that works, we must take into consideration what is said in the news, this moment and divert him into the formation of his business, Imagination is the key to success!

Price Reductions

This technique is planned to lower the selling price and thus create the desire to buy from consumers. This method is recommended for items of low value or for which rapid destocking is desired. Consumer goods may contain coupons, be bundled together in a bundle (a known product will accompany items to discover) or be the subject of a special offer limited in time. For more expensive products (household appliances, vehicles, etc.), another technique of selling by price reduction is the offer of recovery for a used product.

Trial Offers, Samples and Demonstrations

For products launched on the market, this sales proficiency is particularly suitable. Online services and software are very suitable for one-month trial offers, which allow clients to test them for free before switching to a premium offer or acquiring the software. Samples are convenient for commodities that can be offered in small packages and offered to customers or at trade shows. The demonstration is recommended for technical articles (such as a cleaning product), a professional can convince the public of its effectiveness. Free tasting is a similar sales technique used for food products during promotional operations.

Games and Competitions

A final selling technique is to offer games or contests once the purchase is made. Brands selling consumer products like this process. It can be a coupon to be cut and returned, a draw to win lots of variable value, a scratch ticket inside the package or a code to enter on the site of the brand. For more luxurious products, creative competitions around a given theme can also enhance the image of the brand, especially on social networks, is to increase sales permanently.

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