The Disadvantages of the Computer Keyboard (QWERTY Keyboard)


QWERTY keyboard was introduced in 1873. For that time, it was the most convenient way of data processing. They used to have it on the typing machines and some other devices. As soon the modern computer system started, the designs and layouts of the keyboard have changed, but it is still the QWERTY keyboards that are still prevalent in the market. Although, modern keyboards have been transformed now and the way we interact with the computer, it has huge disadvantages. Therefore, people should change to a more efficient keyboard pattern, and that is the KWIK keyboard. KWIK keyboards are much easier to handle and are more efficient to interact with your computer.

Following are the disadvantages of using a QWERTY keyboard:

  • Use: Using a QWERTY keyboard with its full potential is impossible, maybe having the knowledge of correct positioning of the fingers or making a print-screen, all, so it always remains a mystery to all the average keyboard users. Nowadays people don’t have enough time to spare on learning or practicing on a keyboard.
  • Design: The design of QWERTY keyboard has remained standard from the early 1970s till today. When it was used in the 1970s, the idea was to slow down the people who were typing so that they slow down; else they were jamming down the mechanical typewriters when they used to type fast. There were though different attempts to reorganize the layout, such as Dvorak and XPeRT versions of the keyboard, but still, the cumbersome design is ingrained in the computer keyboards of modern world still in this 21st century.
  • Cleanliness: On a study in the UK, microbiologists found that some keyboards are dirtier than even toilet seats. As people directly touch the keyboard with their bare hand, a variety of germs are collected by the keyboard; some very dangerous, such as staph and E. coli.

KWIK keyboard received their patent for KWIK keyboard on July 17, 2018. Due to the low budget, they aren’t able to market the product on a huge scale to promote its sale. You can buy the product directly for $44.95 directly from the company.

KWIK keyboard is an efficient computer keyboard to replace the inefficient and antiquated QWERTY keyboard. It has the potential to make whoever use the keyboard superfast and error-free in typing.

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