Sacrifice – What else can bring Paradise?


The sacrifice of a scientist to use his body for sacrifice rendered his life in despair and great risk. This made her disappear to an unknown place and even rendering him insane. He risks his life at the expense of a more practical, this is more than a sacrifice. A lot of wasted land lies bare to us and no one is ready to sacrifice redeeming it.

Sacrifice brings Paradise

The writer of the ode on a Grecian urn narrates a story of pride that heard more than what others heard and escape to a place of paradise, where she found love that satisfied her heart. People tend to wait for things that come easily into their hands and this may not be long lasting as compared to the one that you sweat for. As the old adage goes nothing comes on a silver platter. Having a stable wealth in your economic wealth requires more than a struggle and hard work. Many people tend to rely on charity which may be even costly though simple. If the bride in the ode on a Grecian urn had seen what normal eyes saw she won’t have had that paradise life she had; apart from hearing it she also took a step forward towards implementing it. This is a form of sacrifice in itself by going off a place of no idea at all.

Embrace struggle – the wasted land will be recovered

Sometimes our struggle may not bear fruits immediately but we have to keep on trying at long last doors of prosperity will give in and began opening. The scientist as recorded in the invisible man had to disappear first to unknown place and on coming back he was already insane, but his struggles must have borne fruits. This is the greatest determination ever experience on earth that is required in unleashing the potential of the wasted land.

The wasteland cannot be reclaimed in an easy manner since it is dominated by unfamiliar species with non-conducive weather conditions. This calls for perseverance and sacrifice of the highest order. Starting a unique business is not just a mere nightmare’s thought but a grand master plan. It may look a fair flat ground surface but in it, hidden stony mountains covered with thorns. Reclaiming this wasted land of business that lies bare requires eyes that see micro things that bare eyes may not see, hearing small sounds because those one carries an important message.

Sometimes words from people should not hinder us from making success bit rather be a challenge and a stepping stone to your success. If the bride would have paid attention to criticism, she would not have reached her goals. In fact, she decided to be silent; realizing that silence is a weapon to get what you need. It prevents a lot of hindrances that may arise from arguments with ‘haters. Sometimes it is good to allow one hear to listen to words uttered by other people and allow the other to sieve the unimportant ones; this is a sure way to success – Sacrifice.

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