Proper Charging of Your Phone can Save Its Battery


Smartphone of iPhone’s battery doesn’t last very long; they need to be charged every day. But it might also be because we charge it wrong every time. Many amongst us think that charging the phone in smart bursts will damage the batteries in a long-term, so we need to charge it when the battery is close to dead.

But the fact is that a website of a battery company mentioned in an article about lithium-ion batteries in our smartphones gets into stress if you charge them too many times for long-term.

To keep your battery in good condition, and to not to worry about the life your battery, there are a few habits that you need to change.

Battery Fully Charged: Unplug it

You shouldn’t keep your phone on the charger plugged in after the battery gets fully charged. Some of us do it overnight, but that’s not good for the battery for a long run. When your phone is charged at 100 percent, the battery needs to adjust itself and lick some charges when It is plugged in. The battery remains in a high-tension and high-stressed state and therefore wearing down its chemistry inside it.

Rather Avoid Charging 100%

A Li-ion battery doesn’t need a full charge. It is advisable not to charge it 100%. A high voltage can put a lot of stress on the battery and then the battery will wear off in long-term. You can put your phone on the charge whenever you get a chance, and then when you are done, take it off from charging.

Whenever You Can Plug Your Phone

This puts less stress and the batteries like being charged occasionally throughout the day rather than putting them to charge in big sessions. Experts say whenever your phone loses 10 percent of charge, you should charge them, but practically it is not possible. Better charge them whenever you can.

Keep the Battery Cool

Li-ion batteries are very sensitive. So, when charging them take off the cases.

For lighting charges of your iPhone, you can use Campad Electronics.

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