Instagram Stories: Frequently Asked Questions

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Instagram as we know today boasts of being one of the outstanding, popular, and an amazing social media channel that is focused on photographers. However, everyone is in love with this app; especially it’s new story feature which is actually a smart one. Most people buy Instagram likes in their stories but still have some questions about this cute feature. Here we answer some questions users have about Instagram stories;

How can I Create Instagram Stories with Link?

The “swipe” function was available for a long time for just verified accounts (i.e., those with the blue check). The feature has been unlocked for a while, but for more and more “normal” profiles starting, of course, those with (very) huge followers. Currently, all accounts with above 10,000 followers have the swipe feature activated.

If you have recorded a story and a small chain appears in the top toolbar, then you can add a link. If the chain does not exist, no “real” link can be created. Although you can insert a URL as text in the photo or video, this can’t be clicked on and not copied. In other words, it is meaningless.

How can I View Instagram Stories Anonymously?

Of course, the fact that you can see who watched your Instagram stories means that you will also appear in various viewer lists. If that does not suit you for whatever reason you can apply this little trick (which we tested for you):

  • Start the Instagram app and wait for all the stories to load
  • Now turn on the flight or offline mode on the smartphone
  • Look at the stories you want anonymously
  • Close the app completely (including in the background!)
  • Turn flight mode off again

If this is too cumbersome for you in the long run (or if this trick should not work after an Instagram update), you can also create a second profile that does not immediately indicate that you are behind it. In this way, you can watch anonymously Instagram stories without much effort.

How can I Flip Back in the Instagram stories?

You want to look at a certain sequence again and “back” within an ongoing Instagram story?

Then just tap your finger on the left edge of your smartphone screen. If the story of another account has already begun, you can switch back again by swiping your finger from left to right.

What does the Order of My Instagram Stories Viewers Mean?

The order in which the viewers of your Instagram stories are displayed raises many questions.

The most obvious explanation: This is the order in which people have seen your content.

However, if you keep glancing over your list of viewers over the course of 24 hours, you will notice that the order is constantly changing. It is also striking that seemingly “always the same” profiles are displayed at the top as if they were always the first to look at your stories.

The Fact is: What exactly the order of the Instagram stories audience has to mean, can’t currently be said clearly. However, it’s reasonable to assume that accounts with which you interact most often appear high up in the list of viewers.

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