How to get 1000 Instagram followers fast

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Are you looking to get Instagram followers? You are at the right place and you can buy from Instaboostgram. Instagram is a great platform when it comes to gain exposure to all sizes of business or brand. Nevertheless, engaging your audience is not an easy task at all. How to get Instagram followers is a frequently asked question that everyone knows. However, there are a lot of ways to get more followers but most of the ideas are exhaustively time-consuming. But here we will discuss some most proven tactics that will help you to get 1000 followers on Instagram fast. The following tips will give you an additional boost to get more following count when you have the primary traction. Let’s take a look what to do.

Tips to get Instagram followers fast

  • First off, explore some bigger Instagram accounts that have minimum 50K+ followers that are related to your industry
  • Check the followers of these accounts either they are real or fake using Fameaudit and SocialAuditPro tool
  • If they have more real followers on their accounts then visit the profile of their followers and follow them. It is suggested that follow those accounts who have real (human) profile picture instead of a logo.
  • Then unfollow these that didn’t follow you back. You can use apps for this purpose that supports Android and iOS as well.
  • According to studies, over 20 percent people on Instagram will follow you back when you follow them using this tactic. The more following means more appealing Instagram feed look, more following ratio, more post reach, more engagement, more visibility and a higher percentage of following back.

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What are the key factors that inspire the people to follow you back?

People are more likely to follow back these accounts which have:

  1. Accounts that look real
  2. Accounts that have many times more followers than following
  3. Have large following count
  4. Have nicely designed theme
  5. Look appealing feed of posts
  6. Use bright colors in their posts
  7. Accounts that include the face in their posts
  8. Have more likes and comments on their posts
  • With this follow/unfollow tactic, you also have a good interaction with these accounts that have large following count. First off, turn on post notifications to get the latest updates of these accounts. Try to leave a comment first every time when they post new content on their accounts.
  • Leave a comment that is related to their post caption
  • Don’t leave such type of comments like the good post or this is so cute etc.
  • Use Instagram stories and Instagram live to engage your loyal audience. Conduct Q&A session through live videos that will grab the attention of more users that leads to getting more followers.
  • If your goal is to reach 1000 followers mark then it’s good to start scheduling your post on Instagram. That way, you can get more time to create other posts and engage with your followers
  • Pair this follow/unfollow tactic together with the above-mentioned tips to get Instagram followers.

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