How can a Phone Interview Improve the Hiring Process


With hundreds of applications flooding each day for a single position, a number of hiring managers and recruiters are increasingly opting to perform Telephonic Interviews. Because they consider that the phone is the most common way to make an initial screening, before moving to further rounds.

Let us have a look at how can a Phone Interview help organizations enhance their overall Hiring Process:

  • Make an Impression without distraction – Firstly, a phone interview lets the interviewers focus on the caliber of the candidate and his intensity of expression. It lets them completely focus on the substance of answer with the least distraction towards the appearance and outlook.
  • Easy Interpretation – From a phone interview, general aspirations and goals of the employee can be determined. The tone of voice of the job seeker can make or break an impression on them. It helps the recruiter gauge the efforts put by the candidate in effective execution of interview.
  • Create A Checklist – Hiring manager has all the freedom to make a checklist and take notes as he is conducting the interview on phone. This helps to check back in and decide whether the candidate is suitable for the position or not.
  • Cost-Effective – Phone Interviews comes as a cost-effective alternative to the conventional hiring process. This aid the companies lessen the burden of interviewing candidates face to face.
  • Less Time – The shortlisting from a big pile of prospects can be done naturally and within less time.
  • Convenience – Brief telephonic interviews can be made at the convenience of the hiring manager. They are relatively short and act as a primary screening step.
  • Committee Telephonic Interview – Often times, two or three hiring managers get together to conduct an interview and share their opinions later. This generally happens during the final step of selection.

Addition of Phone Interview to the hiring process, allows the companies and organizations to perform informed decisions with accuracy and precision.

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