How a Business Profile Can Help You Get More Targeted Instagram Followers

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So much has changed since Instagram first emerged, including the introduction of business profiles. Instagram’s personal and business profiles are very different, so those who started off with a personal profile are probably wondering if they should switch. The answer is “YES” thanks to features like the following that can help increase Instagram followers.

Access to Analytics

People who have personal profiles can’t track how their posts are performing. With a business profile, you’ll be able to track the growth of your followers within the app. You’ll also have access to details like gender, age ranges, top cities and much more. In addition, you’ll be able to review the complete list of metrics that Instagram records here. The Instagram insights section presents the data in the form of straightforward charts, including bar and pie charts, making it easy to evaluate how effective your marketing efforts are. Having access to this kind of information will make it easier adjust your marketing and attract targeted Instagram followers.

You Can Add an “Action” Button

With an Instagram business profile, you can make it possible for users to click on a link to contact you. In addition, you can add a website link in your bio section that visitors can click on for more information and make your email address, phone number and address clickable. The email address will open up Instagram’s email app where users can write an email, the phone number opens the phone call function and the address will utilize the user’s default maps app. In addition, “Message” shows up, which makes it easy for users to direct message you. And that’s not all! You can also add a “action” button that links to Yelp, Eventbrite and other online services.

You Can Advertise and Promote Your Posts

Another great perk is that you can run ads in Instagram if you have a business profile. So, if you’re considering investing some money into growing your brand on the site, you’ll want to switch to a business profile.

You Can Schedule Content Using Third-Party Apps

Instagram limits third-party schedulers to business profiles, which means that if you have a personal profile, you won’t be able to use one. With schedulers you can “schedule” your posts ahead of time which will save time that would be better spent working on live content.

You Can Take Advantage of the “Swipe Up” Link in Instagram Stories

The “swipe up” feature is only available for business profiles with over 10,000 followers. The benefits of this feature include driving traffic to your homepage, directing your target audience to a call to action, adding an affiliate link in order to earn commission, and help you generate more targeted Instagram followers.

You can use all the innovative features of a business profile to improve your marketing strategy and increase brand exposure which will in turn generate targeted Instagram followers. Doesn’t it make sense to switch to a business profile?

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