History, origin and more about cryptocurrency


The Global Phenomenon of cryptocurrency is Catching fire time. People are trying to get more information about future money. There are many knowledgeable people including scientist, Consultant, and bankers who are with Limited knowledge of cryptocurrency and there are good percentages of people who are not even clear with the basic concept of cryptocurrency. So let us have a discussion in this article about the origin and history of cryptocurrency.

The general history of cryptocurrency or Digital currency says that there were attempts done in the 90s which inevitably failed. The systems which aimed for Digital currencies were Digicash, Flooz, and others but people over in doubt and had so many reasons which lead to the failure of digital currency. Other reasons say that there will be a number of frauds and digital currency will lead to more financial problems.


Talking about the origin of cryptocurrency it is a shocking fact to know that it is it the right product. Yes, it is shocking for the people who do not know that cryptocurrency was not the direction in of any invention, but it was the site product of another invention. The invention took place under the care of Satoshi Nakamoto. Many people and article also say that Satoshi Nakamoto is the unknown inventor. But now as per the current market Bitcoin is very important cryptocurrency. Going back to the origin Satoshi Nakamoto never intended to work on an invention to invent a currency.

Satoshi even announced in 2008 when the Bitcoins launched that he intended to invent a peer to peer electronic cash system and not Bitcoins.

Not only Satoshi but many other people during 90s failed to create digital cash. But somehow Satoshi found a way to come up with a decentralized digital cash system. All the other inventions and attempts to create digital money in the 90s were failed. When Satoshi noticed the attempts to create digital cash being filled he stood up to build a digital cash system that does not have a Central entity. This idea is very much near when we look at a peer to peer network which is used for file sharing.

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