Employee Time Tracking with Geofencing Helps Businesses Track Locations, Projects, and More


Geofencing is a kind of location-based service that is used by an app or software which uses GPS, Wi-Fi, cellular data or RFID technology to provoke a pre-programmed action when a cellular device or RFID tag enters or exits a virtually defined boundary around a particular geographical location using GPS points (known as geofence).

Based on configuration a geofence can prompt different set of actions. For businesses that use a geofencing app or other time tracking software to track employee work hours, it allows the upper management to receive alerts when an employee enters or leaves a defined geographical location (work field) and also to track company’s property.

Geofencing-based apps and Businesses

With a rising popularity of using time tracking technology in the business world and on mobile devices, geofencing is now becoming a standardized practice for most of the businesses and companies are now relying on these geofencing based time tracking apps for monitoring employees, especially the employees who are doing field wok off-site. Once a geofence is set up, there are many old tasks the business can save time and money on now thanks to this tech.

How Geofencing helps businesses to keep tab on employees?

Geofencing-based employee time tracking apps make an ease for the company when it comes about calculating the employees work time and payment by providing a complete trail of the required data. In addition, this can also be helpful regarding safety issues e.g. if an employee has gotten in an accident and doesn’t make it to the scheduled location, the company will be notified in order to take necessary actions. Let’s have a look at some significant advantages that a company can avail by using this Geofencing technology,

Time theft prevention

Time theft is one of the major issues for most of the businesses especially when a company is dealing with larger work force. By making use of Geofencing based time tracking apps, a company can prevent time theft issue e.g., consider the case when employees are spending their work time in other location while they are supposed to on the defined job site.

Collect a complete trail of data about their job site

It enables the company to track the data about how the employees were moving around the work site and where they were in their work hours. This will not only help the company to track work hours accurately but also will help to collect the data about work progress and to improve the efficiency in future.

Employee timesheet reports

It will help to automate employee timesheets and reduce the use of manual timesheet reports, which are easily tempered because of time theft issues and provides accurate real time data for quickly processing the payroll and per hour working cost.

Safety of company’s property

Workplaces such as construction sites, there are valuable tools and equipment, in case of any unauthorized entry a management will be notified, this will help to prevent the theft of any of those tools and equipment.

Employee time clock app

Geofencing based digital solutions are also helpful for a company to create a checklists i.e. employees check off during the particular shift, alerts the manager when overtime is approached, and will remind the employee to punch clock-in and clock-out to prevent time sheet errors in future.

Conclusion on Geofencing Technology for Businesses

Geofencing technology provides endless ways to both small and large businesses to track their off-site employees, minimizing employee time theft and helps managing timesheets much easier. Moreover, it also allows the businesses to have time clocks right inside the building and offers web based features to track in/out instead of punching for clock-in and clock-out during the employees designated work schedules. In today’s world with remote staff working off-site, the benefits of geofencing time tracking apps are huge for any business.

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