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Most of the colleges and universities in the USA use a test called SAT for its admissions decisions. Although it could be argued that this type of standardized test is not the best way to assess the ability of a child, yet it is inevitable that in order to get admissions in renowned American Universities, these tests are essential to master the subject like Mathematics.

The classes of SAT are for those students who have already studied Math in Homeschooling NYC and now require learning as well as developing some special techniques to achieve the perfect score in their subject. SAT Math Test could be passed by a student if they have knowledge of common core curriculum of Math which is prepared for them in a non-standard set of questions. It has been found that students with a grip on a mathematical concept found difficult to pass the examination and are unable to complete the test within the given time period. Therefore, familiarizing yourself with the test is the best way to move forward.

Our management would follow the Official Preparation Guide which has been published by College Board who is also the creator of this test. Below is the list which would be covered on SAT and would be reviewed to bring perfection among the students”

  • Basic Algebra
  • Advanced Algebra
  • Problem Solving and Data Analysis
  • Additional Topics related to Geometry

Besides, there would be special classes to provide middle school and high school Math teaching for Homeschooling NYC. It would cover various mathematical subjects and would utilize the knowledge of the students to solve real word problems so as to enhance their social skills. It is my belief that with proper teaching, anyone could excel in Math and achieve success.

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