Develop Work Flow for Your Email Marketing Campaigns


For any email marketing campaigns to work well without hiccups, you will first need to have a clear idea. You will have to plan in advance. That is, to create an overall plan and apply the marketing strategies. Usually it is the marketing automation strategies that will prove to be the most important part to the email marketing campaigns.

The next is to put the plan into actions. This will involve creating the main concept or idea, writing the content, developing the landing page, setting up the email subscription, and marketing the landing page.


Before you create content for your landing page, you should come up with an idea. For example if your business sells printers, then the concept and content on your landing page should be about printers or office equipment.


Once the main concept is confirmed, it is time to go ahead and create the content. There are a few ways to get the content done. One way is that your inhouse marketing team may have staffs who can write the required content. The staff may be a full time copywriting person and this is probably the best. This would be easy as all you do is communicate to him your content idea in writing and in verbal explanation.

The second scenario is that in your marketing team there may be a person who can write well but isn’t dedicated fully to writing. This will work.

The third way is to outsource it. There are lota of platforms where you can find professional copywriters, such as Upwork.

Landing page

There are many ways to create a landing page that would fulfill your objective. One way is to use a complete tool such as Clickfunnels. It is not only a landing page you can create, but it comes with the full set which includes the email subscription function, etc.

The second way is to develop the landing page with WordPress which is a free CMS. With WordPress, the advantage is that you will have access to many plugins to fulfill the functions you will need. That is, one of the WordPress plugins Contact Form 7 is a professional contact form for any WordPress template.

The third way is the most difficult method but will enable your landing page to have many more customized options than using Clickfunnels or WordPress. It is when you have an inhouse fullstack web developer, who can do everything.

Email subscription

One of the two main functions is for your landing page to collect users’ email addresses.

Assume you have go down the WordPress option. Combine WordPress with one of the email marketing automation tools such as Mailchimp or Aweber, and your landing page will already have the capablity to capture new user subscriptions.


Everything is built and functional. Now the only thing missing is users – You will need people to visit your landing page, and that’s where some of these people will leave you with your email.

You will have many choices when promoting your landing page. You may buy paid search ads, or banner ads. You may also do partnership with other websites in your industry and leverage from their websites’ visitors.

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