Can I Earn money on Instagram?

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Making money from Instagram and living the famous social network can be a good goal for working remotely, traveling around the world or working from home. Many people dream about it, but very few people do it.

Often this is due to a lack of information as to how to monetize an account and start earning on Instagram. Below I will try to summarize and offer you some keys to become a true professional Instagrammer and have an additional financial entry.

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Is it Possible to Make Money with Instagram?

Absolutely! Many celebrities charge crazy money to post images on this social network but you can with a less popular and perfectly targeted account, begin to make money from your audience.

Key Factors For Success on Instagram

To begin, I would say that you absolutely must understand the levers that will allow you to cash your services on your account.

Instagram Followers

Your currency and wealth come from your audience. How many Instagram followers follow your account?

What interest’s brands, influencers, companies are your power to generate interactions with a specific audience. The number of people following your account is very important!

The Target and Theme of Your Profile

The profiles that can hope to make the most money on Instagram are those on which existing brands are seeking to position themselves.

Advertisers are very present in the markets that everyone knows:

  • Fitness/nutrition
  • Lifestyle and travel
  • Clothes (vintage, luxury, sportswear, etc.)
  • Luggage/watches/accessories
  • Makeup/facial

These are very competitive niches, so I recommend you position yourself on smaller niches or sub-niches. Taking, for example, the niche of fitness/nutrition, position yourself on 1 type of specific training or 1 mark of supplements

You Become Perfectly Identifiable

Fortunately for us, there are brands for almost all niches, even the most obscure ones. It’s up to you to define your niche, but if you are yet to open an account, I recommend you start by researching and identifying brands that already pay influencers.

The Quality of Visuals, Photos, and Videos

Once the criteria of hearings passed and your niche established, it is obviously necessary that your photographs and your visuals attract the eye and be of quality.

Less than 4 seconds is the time needed to hold the attention of a visitor who discovers your account. So your photos must be as beautiful and attractive as possible.

Sell Instagram Accounts

You should know that Instagram accounts can be sold to earn a lot of money depending on the targeted domain, the existing content, the engagement rate, the number of followers.

This is the method I recommend the least because it is a “one-shot” while you can draw money on a regular basis with the methods seen earlier. However, if your specialty is creating and growing the audience of an account on Instagram, it can be profitable if you can put accounts on sale every 2 or 3 months.

Many people (a lot of brands) are looking for targeted accounts to promote their content and are ready to buy existing accounts.

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