Advantages of Using Anonymous File Instead of FTP


Anonymous Files and FTP are different from each other. Anonymous is cloud storage, whereas with an FTP server is hosted in-house or in the cloud.

For average users, Anonymous is much easier to use. With just clicks, you can share your file.

Difference between FTP servers and Anonymous File

Both FTP servers and Anonymous Files perform the basic functions of sharing data and storing. But still, there is some key differences between both of them.

  • Accessibility

You don’t need software to share your files. You will just need to have to visit the website and select the file you want to share. Also, the person who is downloading the file will just need the URL to download the file. So, when you upload the file, a URL will be given to you, you just have to copy that URL and send it to the person who needs to download it.

  • Immediate

The upload takes place immediately. You don’t have to sit there for the file to upload. In no time the anonymous file upload will take place. No more wondering about how much time left. The file uploads immediately and can be downloaded immediately.

  • Large Files

You can upload files of large size. Anonymous File allows you to upload up to 5GB of the file. Five GB is a huge size to be transferred in a single go.

  • Supports Any OS

Whether you are using a Mac, Windows, or any other operating system, as Anonymous Files is web-based, it supports every operating system.

  • No Bandwidth Restrictions

No bandwidth restrictions for your file sharing. Whatever bandwidth you are using, you can use Anonymous Files.

  • No Speed Restrictions

In Anonymous Files, speed is not an issue. Whatever speed you have, you can access the website and upload the files immediately.

  • Protected

Your file is protected, and your anonymity is maintained. No one would know what the content of the file you are transferring, not even Anonymous Files.

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