5 Common Misconceptions About Security Cameras


There are many apprehensions that might cross one’s mind during the purchase of a security camera. The cost factor, the type, expense management and many more. But one cannot avoid buying it as the crime rate is increasing to alarming extends. However, there are some misconceptions that are needed to be cleared first before buying security cameras:

Usage misunderstanding

Security cameras are utilized to do a lot of things. People have this common misconception that it is restricted to deter crimes only. The utility level extends up to keeping an eye on your subordinates’ work efficiency, number plate recognition, taking care of toddlers, and so on.

At times it is even placed outside as it intimidates prospective criminals from indulging in any unethical activities. While deterring crimes is one usage, there are multiple uses for which security cameras are used.


“It isn’t affordable.” This is one common statement which is a huge misunderstanding. Once its placement and product charges are taken care of, there isn’t a cost burden you would face for the next few months at least. Certain companies also offer maintenance services along with the product as a complimentary service.

You don’t need professional assistance for its placement

Individuals usually perceive that once the camera is purchased, one can easily take care of the rest without the assistance of professionals but to get the maximum benefits out of these cameras, there are a variety of aspects that are needed to be considered during their placement and professionals can do it better.

All cameras work the same way

People often think that any type of camera would work for them. However, this thought process can lead to unwanted consequences. Each camera has a specific usage. For instance, if you are placing your security camera outside, a bullet camera is advised due to its long distance viewing capabilities. Similarly, since dome cameras have in-built pan and tilt features, it is widely used for surveillance purposes.

Requires Less Maintenance

After product placement, maintenance every five months is a requisite. Due to the increase in cyberattacks throughout these years, the number of cameras hacked has also increased to a great extent. Hence, it is an absolute necessity for your security camera to be checked once in a few months’ time.  

Security cameras prove to be an important entity to consider for any place. Be it your household, office or business establishment. Therefore, it’s imperative to get over all the wrong notions before installing one.

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